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For the past two months, Samsung’s Human Resource Development Center in Yeongdeok, located in the southeast of South Korea, has had a new name – “Yeongdeok Community Treatment Center”. Samsung provided the facility to be used as a public care center for coronavirus patients who had mild symptoms or were asymptomatic.


Upon the center’s repurposing, doctors and medical staff from Samsung Medical Center and other hospitals across the country arrived in groups to volunteer as assistants at the center. The local community welcomed patients with open arms, putting up a welcome sign. Local and central governments and public offices took care of operations, while members of the military, policemen and firefighters handled the transfer of patients and other support. A joint team was created and worked collaboratively to run the center.


The operation allowed regular hospitals to focus on treating patients with more severe symptoms during the waves of coronavirus outbreaks. As the situation in Korea eased, the center wrapped up its activities on April 30, with the last group of patients leaving the next day.


The Yeongdeok Center, originally a company retreat for employees and their families, has transformed into a place for treatment and care. We’d like to share some memories of the past two months at the center that have meant a lot to us.


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