Managing Software Delivery Platform Evolution

Overview: The key to improving the quality, velocity and efficiency of your software delivery system (SDS) lies in the adoption of Agile methodologies. In Chapter 3 of the Building a Better Software Delivery Platform podcast, DevOps Architect Rick Slade discusses the organization, implementation, measurement and management of a modern SDS through Agile methods.

In the Compuware podcast, Building a Better Software Delivery Platform, Compuware Executive DevOps Solution Architect Rick Slade offers advice and guidance on evolving your software delivery system (SDS). In episode three, Rick addresses the management of this evolution.

The adoption of Agile practices is one key point that resounds throughout Rick’s discussion. His contention is that an SDS should be implemented using Agile methodologies. The building of this new SDS should be incremental, starting with a focus on one team or project that is representative of teams throughout the organization. The processes and tooling designed for this team will then serve as a model by which the SDS is introduced to other teams.

Rick explains that many organizations still use waterfall techniques in the implementation of new processes and technology, often encountering pitfalls as they try to implement changes across an entire organization in one fell swoop. Iterative implementation, he believes, provides the best chance for organizations to achieve small successes and build upon them effectively. He says that,

if you’re making a significant difference and change in how you deliver software, then leveraging an incremental method using Agile to implement that is key.

You can learn more about getting started, forming and executing an implementation plan and managing the effectiveness and efficiency of an SDS in Chapter 3: Managing Software Delivery Platform Evolution. Rick goes into detail about each step of implementation and discusses measurement, managing the backlog, tooling and more.

To listen to Chapter 3 and the other episodes in the series, visit You’ll also find recordings of our weekly Q&A session, Office Hour with Rick Slade, and a calendar reminder for the next live Q&A, Friday, May 29, at 11 AM EDT. And don’t miss Chapter 4, in which Rick goes into further detail on planning and getting your new SDS off the ground.

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