Compuware CSI Case 2: Continuous Improvement

Overview: A lead software engineer from a major UK bank discusses their efforts to improve software delivery quality, velocity and efficiency, and how Agile and DevOps have helped them transform their software delivery system.

In the latest episode of the podcast, Compuware CSI: Customer Success Investigators, Compuware Global Sales Lead Craig Hartwell talks with a major bank’s lead software engineer about its conversion to Agile and DevOps.

The discussion centers around adapting to a changing market, reacting to challenges, and innovating. The bank’s adoption of Agile and DevOps was an effort to offer innovation to its customers more quickly. The process started out with a small team in a room, posting notes on the wall. Through initial successes and iterative implementation, the bank was able to scale its DevOps capabilities to include more teams and platforms.

One central theme of this story is adaptation. The bank was able to recognize competitive threats in a changing market and adapt to address them. And, just as DevOps has helped increase software delivery quality and velocity, the bank has adapted its software delivery pipeline to increase productivity and efficiency, and the further use of metrics promises to help improve processes even more.

In short, the story proves that adapting to changing conditions is vital to survival in the digital economy. Assessment of the current state, identification of inefficiencies, and adoption of improved processes are not one-time activities. Each of these actions is part of a larger, continued evolution that will help your organization stay relevant in a changing competitive landscape.

You can listen to Reg’s full story in Compuware CSI Case 2: Continuous Testing & Monitoring for Continuous Improvement, which also includes relevant commentary from DevOps Consultant Atul Bhovan and DevOps Specialist Stuart Ashby. Be sure to look for future episodes at

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