upgrade dad’s life this Father’s Day with 5 tech tips from Motorola

We can all agree that dads have a true knack for making us laugh and knowing the perfect punchline for any situation. And while this year we may not be able to celebrate our fathers exactly the way we’d like to, we can still help upgrade their lives with some quick and easy tech tips that they can use every day. 

We’ve compiled 5 tech tips that you can teach your dads on Father’s Day this year: 

turn them into a social media expert: For the not so tech-savvy fathers, take the time to show them how to use a new social media platform. You can teach them how to take Instagram-worthy photos of their hole-in-one or perfectly grilled steak with features like portrait mode, night mode or even a macro vision camera. Being able to stay connected through social media is a gift any father would enjoy. An added plus? Copious amounts of dad jokes in your post comments. 

enhance their hobbies with apps: Whether your dad is a sports enthusiast, grill master or gamer, there are hundreds of apps that can help him enjoy these hobbies even more. From apps that track the yardage of a golf ball to his favorite news sources, show dad how to download and use some of these apps through the Google Play Store, and then organize all of his apps into categories that make it easy for him to use and find. 

jam out to his favorite music: For the music lovers, how about making dad a playlist with all his favorite throwback songs that you can also listen to together? Teach him how he can add, remove, skip and favorite songs. And, for those moments when he has the place to himself, show him how to connect his phone via Bluetooth to his speakers. If your dad has a phone with a powerful audio system like the motorola edge+, show him how he can enhance the audio to his exact liking. 

customize his phone experience: Many smartphone users, in general, don’t know all the tips and tricks that can make your smartphone experience as customizable as possible. For example, across all of Motorola’s smartphones, users can take advantage of several moto experiences like one-handed gestures to launch tools and apps or display options like discreetly previewing and responding to texts and app notifications. Additionally, with the recently launched My UX interface, motorola smartphone users have access to more customizable features including changing application icons, program colors, phone fonts, and other visual metaphors. 

Take some time to brush up on these tips and share them with dad so that he can personalize and organize his phone just the way he likes it. 

organize and secure his favorite photos: Whether your dad is a photography wizard or just loves capturing every life moment, showing him how to back up and organize his pictures digitally is a simple, yet meaningful gift he’ll be sure to enjoy. With tools like Google Photos, you can help him store photos safely in the cloud and make it simple for him to search, save and even create slideshows of all of his favorite memories.

Regardless of what you choose to help dad with this Father’s Day, don’t forget to give him a call and celebrate some of those things that make him uniquely him. #StayConnected

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