Code Quality and Security

Overview: In Chapter 9 of the Building a Better Software Delivery Platform podcast series, Compuware’s Rick Slade is joined by SonarSource VP of Marketing Nicolas Bontoux to discuss code quality and security, as well as SonarSource’s commitment to providing value to their customers.

If you’ve been listening to DevOps-related podcasts, you may have noticed a trend emerging. Whether you’re listening to Dr. Mik Kersten and Gene Kim discuss “The Five Ideals,” CEO Chris O’Malley talk about Compuware’s recent acquisition by BMC, or Global Sales Lead Craig Hartwell talk to Compuware customers about their real-world DevOps success stories, the idea of customer focus is front and center. As Kim states on Dr. Kersten’s Mik + One podcast, “Are we doing things that customers value? If not, should we really be doing it at all?”

This same obsession with providing value to customers is also a recurring theme in the podcast series, Building a Better Software Delivery Platform. In the series’ ninth episode, Compuware Executive DevOps Solution Architect Rick Slade talks to SonarSource Vice President of Marketing Nicolas Bontoux about code quality and security. Nicolas makes it clear that customer satisfaction is central to SonarSource’s efforts. He states:

What we truly believe is, end of the day, if you want to have a positive impact on the quality and the security of an application, you have to provide value to the people that just build this application, and those are the developers that write the code, maintain the code, improve the code over time, so this is how we approach things.

He goes on to describe how SonarSource’s mission is not related to any specific language, allowing them to help organizations ensure code quality and implement DevOps practices across multiple platforms. In this effort, they’ve spent years collaborating with customers to build a community in which ideas can be exchanged, feedback shared, and in which developers can iterate upon each other’s ideas and develop successful methodologies. This community approach, Nicolas says, helps ensure that feedback is going to the right people at the right time. “You want to make sure that you’re at the right place, and that’s how you get people happy. And when people are happy, then magic things happen on their own.”

To hear the discussion on how quality control is central to DevOps, how SonarSource’s products can be used throughout the software delivery pipeline, and more, listen to Chapter 9: Code Quality and Security.

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