Introducing Our Newest Flagship: The HTC 10

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The word is out and the curtain has been lifted – today we’re launching our latest flagship phone, the HTC 10. This phone is the product of key customer feedback and our obsessive attention to detail, and features a world-class camera, gold-standard audio, a bold new metal unibody design and unparalleled performance. Want to know more? Keep reading.

Designed to Perfection

We employed a new approach to design with the HTC 10, which you can see in the all-metal body’s bold contours. The chamfered edges boast a slimmer look, and the full-glass front merges seamlessly into the metal body.

Don’t worry – we didn’t sacrifice durability for beauty. Engineered to handle the knocks, bumps and scratches of everyday use, the HTC 10 was subjected to more than 168 hours of extreme temperature tests, and more than 10,000 drop, bend, scratch and corrosion tests. So you know you’re getting a phone that can handle the slips and bumps of everyday life.

World-Class Camera

We truly believe that the camera on the HTC 10 is the best smartphone camera available on the market today. It features:

  • The world’s first optically stabilized, larger aperture f/1.8 lenses on both front and rear cameras
  • New larger sensors
  • 12 million new generation UltraPixels (1.55um per pixel)
  • Faster laser autofocus powering the main camera
  • Wide angle lens and screen flash on the front UltraSelfie™ camera

All that means this smartphone delivers brilliantly sharp, low light and high-resolution photos no matter which camera you’re using. And you still get the robust editing capabilities of Pro Mode, including RAW format functionality.

Best in Sight, Best in Sound

Take that camera and combine it with the audio capabilities of the HTC 10. You get vivid 4K video with the world’s first stereo 24-bit Hi-Res audio recording, which captures 256 times more detail than standard recordings across twice the frequency range.

Built for audiophiles, the HTC 10 is certified for Hi-Res Audio and has been designed to make music sound the way artists intended. A headphone amp that delivers two times the power of a conventional headphone amp, upscaling capabilities that can take audio from 16-bit to 24-bit, and high-performance digital-to-analog conversion all combine to produce ten times lower distortion than other devices on the market. With the HTC 10 you get an all-around audio experience that cannot be beaten.

The all-new Personal Audio Profile system allows you to create a unique profile tuned to your individual hearing, dynamically adjusting sound frequencies to each ear. Re-engineered HTC BoomSound™ Hi-Fi edition speakers feature the same separated tweeter and woofer design you see in leading acoustic systems, but combined with a dedicated amplifier on each speaker you get sound clarity that is unprecedented on a smartphone.

To complete this amazing audio experience, we’ve made sure the HTC 10 comes with the best Hi-Res Audio certified inbox earphones yet. These headphones feature an 8 micrometer-thin aerospace polymer diaphragm and 70% oversized drivers to give you richer sound and twice the frequency range.*

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Performance at its Best

This phone isn’t just great hardware, though. In the HTC 10 we’ve delivered what we believe to be best-in-class software by focusing on the fundamentals. Apps launch twice as fast as what you’re used to, and the next-generation quad HD display is 30% more colorful and 50% more responsive to touch than its predecessor. This means even the smallest or fastest finger movements track perfectly.

And because security is at the front of everyone’s minds these days, we created a fingerprint scanner that unlocks in 0.2 seconds and has been algorithmically designed to recognize you faster and more accurately over time.

Engineered to last longer, the HTC 10 boasts the latest Qualcomm snapdragon 820 processor with enhanced LTE and a new PowerBotics system, which improves battery life by 30%, delivering up to two days’ charge. Each phone also comes with Boost+, making it easier to launch apps. Boost +’s App Lock function also adds a new layer of security byletting you lock any pp you choose, and App Manager provides an instant fix in those moments an app isn’t behaving.

The in-box quick charge 3.0 Rapid Charger, with improved thermal management, charges the battery up to 50% in just 30 minutes.

Controlled by You

We’ve reduced the number of duplicative and pre-loaded apps and bloatware and integrated the best of both HTC and Google to create a more streamlined experience that lets you decide what you want on your phone.

And with our new Freestyle Layout, your screen interface is no longer confined to a grid of apps. Instead, you can get creative by dragging icons, stickers and widgets anywhere you like. Layer them, group them, link stickers to apps or get rid of screen icons altogether – the choice is yours.

The latest version of HTC Themes also provides you with access to thousands of professional-looking themes that come with their own icons, backgrounds and sounds, so you can truly customize the look of your phone.


Accessories and Availability

An all-new semi-transparent, front cover Ice View case will be available to pair with your HTC 10, so when that next call or message comes in, or when you need to skip a track or snap that perfect shot, you’ll be able to do it without having to open your smartphone’s case.

The HTC 10 will be available from April 2016 in four color combinations: Carbon Gray, Glacier Silver Topaz Gold and Camellia Red.*

To learn more about the new HTC 10, go to

*Please check with an authorized retailer or operator in your area for in-box accessories and color availability.

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