Citrix and Cisco empower your Hybrid Cloud for Citrix Workspaces – Join us at Cisco Live!

Our partnership with Cisco goes back for years and the number of customers enjoying the benefits of our innovation and integrated solutions continues to grow. Whether it be Ameritas, who has Cisco ACI and Citrix NetScaler at the heart of their data center, or the Bellevue Group, who is using Cisco HyperFlex and Citrix VDI to increase the productivity of their workforce. The great news is that our engineering teams continue to innovate together to bring even more value to our customers.

Announcing our New Citrix and Cisco HCI Workspace Appliance, Cisco Hyperflex for Citrix Cloud services

During the week of Citrix Synergy this May, Cisco announced their participation in the Citrix Ready HCI Workspace Appliance program. Simplifying the delivery and management of Citrix digital workspaces through the integration into Cisco’s highly successful HCI platform, HyperFlex, is a logical extension to the partnership. Even more exciting is that Cisco just announced that HyperFlex 3.5, available later this year, will ship with the integration built in to connect to Citrix Workspaces (i.e. XenApp and XenDesktop subscription services). This means you can register the HyperFlex environment as a Citrix resource location and the automation built into the Cisco HyperFlex management delivers hybrid-cloud flexibility, without having to install, maintain or upgrade the infrastructure. This enables you to focus on more important initiatives, such as tailoring your applications, images, and user environment to your end users.

Cisco Hyperflex for Citrix Cloud services is ideal for customers who choose to leverage the Citrix Workspace subscription services, while running their virtual application servers and virtual desktop workloads on-premises. This enables you to offload management of the VDI platform while maintaining control of where your apps and data reside, on your premises, behind your security layers. With the Citrix Workspace Services, you have the same administrative consoles as the traditional XenApp and XenDesktop platform for creating your machine catalogs and delivery groups, while leveraging all of the high-performance benefits of our leading ICA protocol and HDX technologies. Hyperconverged Infrastructure (HCI) plays a key role in simplifying this Hybrid Cloud VDI scenario even further.

Traditionally, infrastructure requirements for running your VDI workloads were complex. As virtualization became mainstream, companies were faced with additional storage and networking considerations to build the scalable virtual infrastructure to accommodate their VDI workloads. Many companies don’t have the in-house technical expertise, or they need to pull together these various resources from siloed teams across the IT organization. Additionally, they need to consider IOPS and latency considerations to provide acceptable performance of the underlying infrastructure, and how that performance would be affected as they scale out the environment.

Cisco HyperFlex solves these infrastructure challenges, making it easier to deploy a successful and high performance VDI deployment by consolidating the traditional disparate infrastructure silos of storage, storage networking, and compute. Cisco HyperFlex provides simplified management, automation, and orchestration while delivering effective scalability and optimized storage with deduplication and compression performance. The scalability, simplicity, and performance from Cisco HyperFlex reduces your initial infrastructure investment costs and reduces your operational overhead, while ensuring you are achieving the highest density from your infrastructure investment.

Combing the scalability and performance of Cisco HyperFlex with the simplicity and flexibility of Citrix Cloud services delivers a winning combination to empower your Hybrid Cloud for Citrix Workspaces. With Cisco HyperFlex and Citrix Cloud services, you get scalability and simplified infrastructure and VDI management, with the reassurance that you are purchasing a fully-integrated and fully-supported solution.

Cisco and Citrix Highlights from Citrix Synergy Anaheim

While the Citrix Synergy Keynote highlighted Cisco as a partner in our Citrix Ready HCI Workspace Appliance program, this wasn’t the only display of our joint solutions. At Citrix Synergy, Jeremy Foster, Chris Twigg, and Ahmed Dessouki from Cisco presented on how Citrix and Cisco collaborate to solve customer challenges across application and desktop virtualization, whether that be with Cisco UCS, Converged Infrastructures or HyperFlex. In addition, they discussed how our technologies come together to provide solutions for application delivery networking, data center security, and analytics. If you missed seeing them at Synergy, check out the recording of their session, SYN153: Realize your future today with Cisco technology.

Also, if you missed seeing Bryan Hilton, Cisco VDI Architect, in the Cisco booth at Synergy, discussing Windows migrations, graphic intense apps, and more with Cisco and Citrix solutions, you’ll want to see that here.

Join us at Cisco Live Orlando!

There is more to come at Cisco Live Orlando, June 11th-14th, so join us there where Citrix is a platinum sponsor. Stop by our booth and check out the demos of our latest solutions that secure, mobilize and optimize app and data delivery with Citrix and Cisco. For more information about our Citrix and Cisco solutions Follow me on Twitter @juguest.

Looking forward to seeing you in Orlando!