Convergys Asia-Pacific Leaders Speak at 2018 Call Center Association of the Philippines Leadership Summit

Convergys President for Asia-Pacific Ivic Mueco and Convergys VP for Human Resources — Asia-Pacific Rain Tan talk about their career journeys and take questions during the 1st and 2nd installments of the 2018 CCAP GenNext Leadership Forum and Team Leader Summit. Now on its second year, the event lets new leaders from BPOs/KPOs/GSCs (global service centers) come face-to-face with industry luminaries and stalwarts to discuss a broad range of topics surrounding leadership, people management, technology, and market trends. Entitled “Leadership in the Age of Disruption,” this year’s event also featured a short presentation by Accenture’s Ambe Tierro on Design Thinking – an alternative approach to the traditional methods of solutions development.

During her talk on “The Filipino as a World-Class Leader,” Ivic shared her perspective on skillsets that local talent can leverage to become world-class leaders, as it is a capability that any organization who wishes to be successful today and tomorrow need to have. When asked by managers and senior managers on what they need to focus on specifically, Ivic says, “Take ownership of investing in yourself and investing in technology. Know about, and how to use, cloud, artificial intelligence, automation and other new tech, because future work will involve those. Truly know the customer market of the future and adapt to the new ways to communicate with this audience. Leaders who have a broad understanding of what’s happening in the world, who are not afraid to embrace new assignments that take them out of their comfort zone, are able to use technology and tools to participate, and who can speak to the customers of the future — these are the leaders that are world-class, and who will succeed in tomorrow’s workplace.”  

When asked by Team Leaders for advice on how one can have a long and flourishing career in the BPO space, Rain gives three: (1) Always be open to change; (2) Take the difficult assignments; (3) Manage your social media profiles. “Between you and change, change will always win. You need to know not only how to survive in the midst of change, but how to thrive in it. Learn and adapt to new technologies, and be thirsty for knowledge and new methods. Learning is now so accessible because of the internet – so we have no excuse not to seek it.”

“Everyone looks to do the easy thing. Very few people sign up for the tough assignments – but those are the people who get noticed, and eventually, are the same ones who get rewarded,” he adds. “Finally, in this age of social media – we should all be very conscious about what our online profiles say about us. The things you post and the pictures you upload ultimately create an opinion of you, so you need to ask yourself: ‘What version of myself am I putting out into the world? Do I come across as stable and respectable, or do I come across as frivolous, self-absorbed, and destructive?’ A leader in the digital age takes all of this into consideration and manages these channels properly so that they safeguard their reputation, both now and into the future.”