Enhanced printing experience with Citrix Receiver for HTML5

Citrix Receiver for HTML5 now gives you a better printing experience with Chrome and Firefox browsers. With the latest update to the printing feature, you can print seamlessly after selecting Citrix PDF Printer in the print dialog of your remote session.

Let me show you how it’s better!

When you give a print command from your remote session, you see a print dialog like the one below. You then select Citrix PDF Printer to print the file.

Before the printing enhancement:

A Continue print dialog would open. You had to click on Continue which opened your file in PDF format on a new tab in your browser.

In the new tab you had to again give the print command to print the PDF to your local printer or any printer on your network.

After the printing enhancement:

Selecting Citrix PDF Printer in the print dialog of your remote session opens the browser print dialog inside your session which lets you print to your local printer or any printer on your network.

It’s simpler and takes 2 steps lesser than before!

Try printing from Receiver for HTML5 v2.6.4 or higher to see the difference!

Read on for more information about the browsers where this enhancement is supported and how to enable or disable it as applicable…

This enhancement is fully supported on Chrome and Firefox browsers. Hence, it is enabled by default on them.

It is not supported on Edge and Safari browsers.

On Internet Explorer 11, it is partially supported since it has a few limitations such as

  • The content of a printed PDF is scaled down and does not fit the page.
  • When printing a large file or a file with a large number of pages, the browser might stop responding or the print operation might fail intermittently

Thus, on Edge, Safari and IE11, the older printing experience remains.

If you are an admin who would like to try the enhanced printing experience on IE11 (with limitations), you can enable it explicitly.

To enable this enhancement on IE11,

Set the value of the key ‘IE’ to true in the configuraton.js file as shown below

In case you want to disable this enhancement in Chrome and Firefox browsers, set the value of the key ‘supportedBrowsers’ to false in the configuraton.js file

If you want to know how to make Citrix PDF Printer appear in your remote session, you can check out this article

That’s all from me for today. Happy Printing!