Prepare for the future of work with a secure digital workspace

How we work is changing. Remote work is turning into digital work, remaking not only schedules and commutes, but also the ways organizations operate and the relationships between employers and employees. The business case for these new ways of working is becoming clearer, and the impact will ripple across society in ways that go beyond how people do their jobs.

As a result, employees today are favoring organizations that provide the flexibility and personalized tools they need to boost productivity — and work the way they want — on any device, anywhere. According to an Oxford Economics study, organizations demonstrating the strongest capabilities for mobility and digital work perform at a higher level than others. More than 85% percent reported digital work helps attract and retain talent.

The rapid maturation of these mobile strategies puts pressure on all organizations to keep up—or risk being left behind by competitors who are able to leverage new digital workspaces into better customer experiences, happier and more productive employees, and superior financial performance without compromise.

Securing the digital workspace

With this new mobile, multi-cloud approach comes increased security risks, which is why it’s imperative to have a strong mobile security strategy. Securing mobile devices is a major challenge for most organizations. Out of 600 business and IT executives surveyed in early 2017, just 59% said they are successful in making data securely available anywhere to users.

That’s why now more than ever, you need to deliver a secure digital workspace with a security framework that enables more flexibility, productivity, and innovation – nothing less. This foundation, coupled with processes, training programs, and a culture around security can ensure that important information stays safe and employees remain productive—no matter where work happens.

How do you prepare for this mobile, multi-cloud world?

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