Verizon Weekly News: The “Skål” Edition for June 8, 2018

“Change energizes us.” The Verizon Credo helps define who we are and what we stand for, and this morning those three words from the Credo seem apt. We just announced plans for transition of leadership from Lowell McAdam to Hans Vestberg. Now, at the dawn of incredible 5G network disruption, Hans’ legacy as our Chief Technology Officer and the former CEO of Ericsson will drive that change. Click to read more about Hans’ rise to leadership at Verizon and why he was chosen to shape the future of the company. It’s already been a stormy season, so check out stories about how Verizon is delivering real-world help to residents and businesses in Ellicott City, Maryland, which is cleaning up from its second “once in 1,000 years” flooding since 2016 . . . NOAA – the National Oceanic & Atmospheric Association – is predicting another active Atlantic hurricane season, with up to 16 named storms, as many as nine hurricanes and up to four major ones. So we’re already deploying backup generators and doing the work that keeps the network running when commercial power is lost – we already have drones on standby to assess and respond to storm damage . . . Teaming with AccuWeather, we took to Facebook Live where participants asked questions about the 2018 hurricane season’s storm names (Hello, Alberto, Beryl, Chris, Debby, Ernesto, Florence, Gordon) . . . And we get local news and tips from cities on alert, including Charlotte, Baltimore & Pensacola. Indy, Salt Lake City & San Francisco media tee up summer travel tech and tech gifts for dads & grads. There’s a big Fios win and great news on 5G partnerships driving successful city plans from State Tech Mag & Government Technology. Keep an umbrella handy, your phone and other devices charged up, and keep your charging cables at the ready. Skål!. 

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