Worlds Collide in Fortnite Season 5!

Worlds Collide in Fortnite Season 5!

New to Fortnite? The start of Season 5 is a perfect time to try it out!

This Season features new changes to the map like a Viking ship, a desert outpost, and ancient statues! Also, now you can zip across the island in style with your squad and uncover the mysteries of Season 5 in the first four-person vehicle – the All-Terrain Kart (ATK)!

The start of a Season means that you’ll have a ton of time to complete Challenges and earn rewards like outfits, emotes, toys and more. Rewards change each Season, so check out the Battle Pass tab in the game to see what can be earned.

Speaking of the Battle Pass, players who want more rewards can get the Battle Pass in-game for 950 V-Bucks. You’ll instantly unlock two exclusive outfits, then play to level up your Battle Pass to earn up to 100 rewards worth over 25,000 V-Bucks. Remember to complete Weekly Challenges to level up faster!

Jump in now and play Fortnite for free. Good luck out there!

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